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R-J Consulting Natural Restoration

Oregon's beautiful oak savannah habitat once covered the Willamette Valley from the Columbia River all the way into Northern California. Natural Restoration specializes in working closely with landowners to restore Oregon oak savannah, wetlands and other declining habitats. We use appropriate technology to restore the beauty and diversity to overgrown areas. We remove non-crop and invasive vegetation to increase the productivity of your land. We have the tools and the experience to work efficiently to remove the poison oak, blackberries, scotch broom and other non-native or undesirable plants. We can also build nature trails and create beautiful park-like vistas.

• Oak Habitat Restoration

Tree removal, debris control, stump removal, fence removal

• Upland Prairie Restoration

Mowing, planting, and maintenance

• Wetland and Riparian Restoration

Wetland and riparian maintenance and management

• Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Weed management and maintenance

• Invasive Control

Invasive weed spraying and management

• Know-how

Providing restoration expertise since 1999