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About Us

Since 1999, we have focused on providing the necessary tools and expertise to assist landowners in the restoration and wildlife enhancement of their property. Our team of skilled professionals are well versed in all aspects of the restoration process.

Emphasizing the importance of natural restoration and maintenance requires us to be sensitive to ground disturbances and natural and invasive plant identification. With education and experience, our employees are very sensitive to these issues.

Also the knowledge and experience with the types of equipment we use is critical to the success of the projects we work on. We pride ourselves in keeping our machinery very clean so we don’t scatter invasive plants from job to job.


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Oak and Prairie Habitat Restoration

As a Project manager for the Science and Stewardship Team at Metro Regional Parks, we have been very pleased with the work completed by Rich and Nathan. We have assigned work that has been detailed and complex in nature to get consistently positive results. The work Rich has done for us has been in our most sensitive areas, oak woodlands and prairie habitats. He has been very cognizant of the need for a light touch and sensitivity on these sites.

Angie Kimpo
Project Manager
Metro Regional Parks

Oak Restoration Project

We hired R-J Consulting as part of a small oak woodland restoration project in the foothills north of Corvallis. The property had been commercially thinned the year before to remove the Douglas-fir that were competing with the oaks. This left behind a large amount of logging slash and smaller, undesirable trees, that needed to be dealt with before the understory could be restored. R-J Consulting removed the smaller trees, removed an old overgrown fence, and piled all of the resulting debris for eventual burning. Most of the remaining undesirable trees were sprouters, primarily bigleaf maple and hawthorne, and R-J’s mechanized herbicide treatment of the cut stumps during the shearing process was a huge labor-saver for us. Furthermore, all stumps were sheared at ground level, leaving a condition well suited for us to maintain the site with annual mowing.

R-J’s grappling attachments made short work of what otherwise would’ve been a daunting cleanup challenge. All of their equipment was well-sized for these kinds of tasks and had minimal impact on the soil and site. Removal of the fence -- embedded in ‘old-growth’ poison oak -- was a highlight! We very much appreciated Rich Owen’s knowledge of native species and restoration techniques, and his overall professionalism in scheduling and carrying out the work for a reasonable cost.

J. Ohmann