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Shearing and cleaning is usually the beginning of restoration projects, because this involves thinning of trees that are to be restored & the removal of invasive tree species. Our shears allow us to remove the unwanted trees up to 14” at the stump. We treat the stumps to prevent sprouting.



Brush Piling
This phase includes the piling of the trees sheared & the cleaning up of debris from prior work. With the 3 styles of grapples we use they are efficient in this phase.


The type of mowers we use are very diversified because of the range of plants we deal with. They allow us to mulch small trees, brush, blackberries and heavy grasses. These are important pieces of equipment dealing with initial restoration and long term maintenance.


Vegetation Management
This segment is probably the most important services for long term maintenance. This could require mowing or herbicide applications. We are licensed and have some very sophisticated specially designed equipment.

Vegetative Management


Fence Removal and Fence Prep
Because a lot of projects deal with old fence removal and new fence placement, we have designed a piece of equipment for efficiency & effectively meeting these needs
Fence Removal