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Shears - Hydraulic activated and capable of shearing at ground level up to 14” diameter trees. Also capable of chemically treating targeted trees.

Mowers - Hydraulically driven 6’ mowers with a wide range of services along with our design modification these are very unique.

Grapples - Three different styles that allows us to be most efficient in applications we use them in.

Stump Grinding - Because ground surface can sometimes be very irregular we have to grind stumps to make sure they are at ground level.

Specialty spraying - We offer several different pieces of equipment that meets the need of our customers for Herbicide applications.

Because of the chemicals offered today, probably the most important is providing consistent applications rates. Our designs allow us to spray within 2” of planted trees and GPS controlled chemical rates. Equipment wipe the targeted plants with chemical ,different sized boom sprayers for broadcast spraying.